Are you wondering why your home’s utility bills keep going up every month? If so, a home energy audit could provide you with critical information. Many homes in Knightdale, North Carolina, lack insulation, caulking, sealing and other materials that reduce air leaks, heat intrusion and wasted energy. Here are the top three reasons you should schedule a home energy audit:

Improve Your Comfort

First off, a home energy audit gives you an opportunity to improve your comfort. If you’ve noticed that the upstairs of your home is too hot in the summer, the audit might show that your attic doesn’t have enough insulation. If your living room is drafty, the audit might show where the air leaks are around your doors and windows. Then you can add weatherstripping or caulk to get rid of the draft.

Reduce Your Utility Bills

Many home energy audits allow you to apply for a utility rebate or discount once you take at least one of the recommended actions. The report you receive from the auditor will describe the cost of fixing a particular type of energy wastage and the return on your investment. With this information, you can incrementally lower your utility bills.

Identify Inefficiencies

Finally, a home energy audit provides you with the exact information you need to identify and correct inefficiencies. For most people, it’s difficult to know if you have enough attic insulation or if your 25-year-old furnace is wasting energy. The energy auditor provides you with a written prioritized action plan. As a result, you can choose the remedies that’ll make the biggest impact on your comfort and energy expenses.

Home energy audits not only reduce your monthly utility costs. They also lower your household’s carbon footprint. By taking the actions recommended by the auditor, you can invest in your comfort and home. For more information about how a home energy audit could benefit your home, contact Quality Comfort Services, Inc. today.

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