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3 Benefits of Installing an Indoor Air Handler in Apex, NC

Enjoy An Indoor Air Handler

As the fall season blows through Apex, NC, you’ll spend more time indoors. With this in mind, you’ll need clean and fresh air to keep you and your family healthy. Here we’ll discuss some benefits of an indoor air handler.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

With an air handler, you’ll improve indoor air quality. Now that you’ll be indoors most of the time, the air may get stagnant, stale and polluted. With an air handler, you’ll have fresh and clean air all the time as it circulates the air more quickly.

A variable speed air handler circulates and exchanges out polluted and harmful air. It also has extra filters that add advanced air filtration. It won’t only protect you but also reduce repair needs and increase the lifespan of the HVAC system.

Quiet Operation

HVAC systems without a variable air handler make noises when turning on and off. The noises may be loud when they’re running at top speeds. While the noises may not be that loud, they can disrupt your comfort and sleep.

Adding a variable air handler helps reduce the noise level. It’ll keep the fan from making noise when starting or shutting off the system. While you’ll still hear some sounds when raising or lowering temperatures, the rest of the operation will remain quiet.

Energy-Efficient HVAC

The primary benefit of installing an indoor air handler is energy efficiency. HVAC systems consume a lot of energy, and it’s only natural that you would want to reduce your energy bills. A variable speed air handler is the add-on equipment you install to your HVAC system to reduce energy usage.

It helps circulate the air in your home and lessens the burden on the HVAC system. It constantly runs at low levels and maintains consistent temperatures throughout the house. This way, your HVAC system won’t have to turn on and off often.

The fall season doesn’t have to mean reduced comfort levels. As you spend more time indoors, make your home healthier and more comfortable with an air handler. For more information about our indoor air quality services, contact the team at Quality Comfort Services, Inc.

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