Raleigh Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation

Ensure optimum health and comfort with indoor air filtration and ventilation services.

If you and your family struggle with sniffles and sneezes throughout the year, you find yourself getting sick easily, or you suffer from frequent headaches, your home’s air quality could be to blame!

Indoor air quality services

No matter how much you clean, vacuum, and dust, allergens, including dust and pet dander, chemicals, and pollutants linger in your home. They circulate through your home’s ventilation system, and, without a professional HVAC service specifically designed to improve your indoor air quality, you’ll continue to breathe in particles that could be making you sick!

Ventilation and Air Filtration

Quality Comfort Services, Inc. provides ventilation and filtration services to remove the dust, dirt, and allergens that build up in your ventilation system and contribute to poor air quality.

Why is air filtration necessary to a healthy home?

When you ever see particles floating through the air – that is a combination of dust, dirt, dander, and even dead skin cells! In addition to the particles you can see, there are countless pollutants and particles in your air that you can’t see. However, they all contribute to an unhealthy environment and poor air quality that can be dangerous to your health.

All of these particles are circulating through your ductwork and ventilation system, and while a lot of it circulates through your home, much of it ends up living in your HVAC system. This buildup makes your system less efficient and effective, and over time, it can shorten the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

Our experienced HVAC technicians are available to thoroughly optimize your HVAC system and drastically reduce the contaminants and allergens in your home! You’ll breathe clean, sanitary air, and your HVAC system will operate more efficiently, too.

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Balancing Humidity Levels in Your Raleigh Home

When the moisture levels in your home aren’t balanced correctly, you’re putting your home and your health at serious risk.! A home that has high moisture levels and excessive humidity is more likely to experience mold and mildew growth. Not only does this create unpleasant odors and unsightly stains on surfaces in your house, it can make you and your family very sick. Mold is incredibly toxic, and once it’s in your home, it’s difficult and expensive to get rid of.

On the other hand, air that is too dry is also unhealthy and can cause damage to your home and belongings. Breathing dry air can damage the delicate linings of the respiratory system and leave you susceptible to illness, including colds and flu.

As part of our comprehensive HVAC service, Quality Comfort Services, Inc. can help you restore the balance to your home. We will help you find the “sweet spot” that keeps your home feeling perfectly comfortable – not too dry, not too humid.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that you can’t see, smell, or taste. If it builds up in your home, it can make you and your family seriously sick and can even be fatal. Fortunately, our experienced technicians know how to test for carbon monoxide throughout your home, in addition to knowing where leaks are most likely to occur. They’ll help you discover any concerns before harm comes to your family.

If you are concerned with your indoor air quality, Quality Comfort Services, Inc. can help! Reach out to us by phone at (919) 217-5640, fill out our convenient online form, or even send us a text, and we’ll schedule HVAC service for your Raleigh home!

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