Raleigh Whole Home Generators

We'll help you keep the lights on. Protect your family from power outages with a whole home generator.

It’s an understatement to say that Raleigh weather is unpredictable! With ice storms in the winter, severe thunderstorms in the spring and fall, and even tropical storms in the summer, we are at risk for lengthy power outages all year long.

When your home is hit with a power outage, unless you have a whole home generator, it’s more than an inconvenience of not having lights or internet. During the summer and winter, extreme temperatures can be dangerous without heating or air conditioning, and without proper refrigeration, the food in your fridge will all go to waste.

With whole home generator installation from Quality Comfort Services, Inc. you don’t have to worry about suffering through a blackout. You can live life without interruption, enjoying your comfortable home, regardless of what is happening outside!

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Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

While some Raleigh homeowners choose small, portable generators, those only allow you to run a few small items at once via extension cords, and are often not strong enough to keep the air conditioner or furnace operating. Plus, they need to be manually started, which can be difficult, especially in inclement weather.

whole home generator

A whole home generator is a much more convenient, practical option for homeowners because you can enjoy uninterrupted power. The generator is connected to your electrical source, so as soon as there is an outage, the generator kicks in to take over. Additional benefits include:

  • Power your whole home – A large generator can keep your air conditioner, major appliances, and home entertainment running smoothly.
  • Uses natural gas or propane – Many generators connect easily to your natural gas line or use propane for a convenient fuel source.
  • Prevents power surges – When the electricity does return, the generator easily transfers power back to your electrical system, preventing power surges that can damage your electronics.
  • Add value to your home – A whole home generator is a sought-after item that makes your home attractive to buyers when you choose to sell.

Convenient Raleigh Generator Installation

At Quality Comfort Services, Inc. we specialize in generator installation to help you keep your home safe, comfortable, and running smoothly, no matter what! As part of our dedication to five-star service, our experienced team will work with you to match you to the perfect generator for your home and your needs.

Our technicians are well-versed in how to appropriately install your new whole home generator. When it’s time for installation in your Raleigh area home, you can depend on the technician to do the job right. Plus, our technician will walk you through everything you need to know to operate and maintain your new generator so you can confidently use it for years to come!

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