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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our heating and air conditioning systems would last for years without any bother or stress? With routine HVAC maintenance, that can be a reality. Dirty coils, weak capacitors, and loose electrical connections shorten the lifespan of your HVAC unit and drastically cut back on its effectiveness and efficiency. Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance prevents those issues and helps it run at peak efficiency, which saves you money on your utility bills. At Quality Comfort Services, Inc., we take pride in providing comprehensive HVAC solutions to homes in and around the Raleigh area. We provide the prompt, reliable heating and air conditioning repairs and replacements local families rely on to stay comfortable all year long. However, we understand that those repairs and replacements aren’t only inconvenient. They can be costly, too, especially when those costs seem to come out of nowhere. That’s why we strongly urge residents to schedule routine HVAC maintenance.

Why is HVAC Maintenance Necessary for Raleigh Homes?

If you own a car, you know it’s important to get regular oil changes and inspections. Keeping fluids topped off, inspecting belts and checking for any concerns keeps your car running at its best while also letting you know about any issues often before they turn into costly repairs. Routine HVAC maintenance operates on a very similar principle. By keeping your HVAC unit tuned up, cleaned and inspected by a professional, your heating and air conditioning system will run more efficiently, saving you money on your utility bills. Plus, we’ll notify you of issues and concerns before they turn into expensive emergencies.

Benefits of our HVAC Maintenance Programs

In addition to the lower utility costs, extended equipment life, and improved efficiency of a well-maintained unit, our Quality Comfort Club will give you the peace of mind you need for your home. This plan includes numerous benefits, including:
  • Discounted Repairs: Receive a 15% discount on any parts and labor needed.
  • Priority Customer Status: Move to the front of the line when you need us to come out.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: We’re there when you need us with NO overtime charges.
  • Free Leak Inspection: If we add refrigerant to your system more than once, we’ll do a free inspection.
  • Two Multi-Point Inspections Per Year: Our comprehensive maintenance program is designed to minimize breakdowns.
  • Two-Year Warranty on Parts & Replacement: If we replace a part and it stops working, we replace it free.

What Does an HVAC Maintenance Agreement Involve?

At Quality Comfort Services, Inc., we go beyond the basics of HVAC maintenance. We schedule services twice a year, often in spring and fall when we can get your system in tip-top shape before times of heavy use begin. During the inspection, an experienced NATE-certified service technician will conduct a comprehensive check of your entire heating and air conditioning system that includes:
  • Thorough cleaning of burners, heat exchanger, and elements.
  • Examine the flue draft.
  • Monitor refrigerant pressure.
  • Test all safety controls.
  • Replace or maintain customer-supplied air filters.
  • Clean the evaporator coil (where it’s accessible).
  • Clean the condenser coil and condensate drains.
  • Inspect all indoor and outdoor motor operations.
  • Inspect the blower wheel.
  • Examine and adjust all electrical connections.
  • Check capacitors, contactors, and relays.
  • Inspect all thermostat operations.
  • Properly lubricate all moving parts where applicable.
In addition to maintenance, we’ll alert you of any problems or concerns we may see and provide you with a full rundown of service at each visit.

Filter Service

In addition to our maintenance program, we are now offering all of our customers a convenient and hassle free filter service. Filters can be ordered by calling our office or completing the form. Your filters will be conveniently delivered to your door.

Below are the benefits of our filter service:

  • High quality Merv 8 rating Pleated Filter
  • Always having filters available
  • Conveniently shipped to your home
  • Competitively priced by the case
  • Quality Comfort Club Members will receive a 15% discount on all Filter orders
Go to the Request An Appointment page now to request your new filters!

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