You may need a generator in inclement weather because you don’t want to wait for the power to come on and don’t want your food to spoil. If you’ve decided to purchase a generator, this guide can help you choose the best size for your Rolesville, NC, home.

Why Size is Important

It’s easy to make a mistake when estimating what size you need. You could buy one that’s too small to meet the power demand for either your heating and cooling or indoor air quality needs.

Alternatively, you could select a generator that’s too big for your needs, leaving you with the fuel costs associated with running it. Even if the too-small generator could provide the power you need, you would run the risk of stressing the equipment, which could cause it to fail.

What Makes for Better Efficiency

Generators run best when they work at 40% to 80% of their capacity. If you use less than 40% of the generator’s capacity, then the horsepower will drop, and the generator won’t perform properly.

You would then either need to replace it with a smaller one or increase the power demand even though you don’t need the additional power. If you increase power usage to reach the 40% minimum when you don’t need it, then you waste power that you could need later.

How to Determine the Size You Need

It’s relatively easy to determine which size of generator you need. Write down all the items you plan to run on the generator along with their wattage. You may have to convert this from amps or volts.

Next, determine your wattage requirements by multiplying the watts by one hour and dividing by 1,000. That’s how many kilowatt hours you need, so look for a generator that supplies this amount.

Don’t let weather or other factors determine whether you have power when you need it. With our professional workmanship and expertise, we can install a generator for you quickly and efficiently. Contact Quality Comfort Services, Inc. today if you’re ready to install a whole-home generator in your Rolesville, NC, home.

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