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Do You Need a Heating and Cooling System for Your Raleigh Home?

Discover how an HVAC system does more for your well-being than keep you cool and comfortable

At Quality Comfort Services, Inc, we are asked if a heating and cooling system is a necessity in a Raleigh home, or if it’s more than a luxury. While there’s no question that heating is a necessity in Raleigh homes when the temperature dips well below freezing in January, there’s still a debate about whether or not a home needs an HVAC system. After all, central air conditioning units have only become common in homes since the 1970s, and we survived before then, right?

We believe that a heating and cooling system is just as much a necessity to a house as the roof and plumbing systems. Let’s explore those reasons why to help you determine why your next investment may be HVAC installation.

Heating and Cooling for Your Family’s Well-being

The number one reason a whole-home system is necessary is for the comfort and wellbeing of everyone in your home. Average temperatures are higher now than they were 40 or more years ago, and when the temperature soars above 100 degrees, a fan or a window unit air conditioner simply can’t maintain a safe, healthy temperature throughout the home.

Hot indoor temperatures can put members of your family at risk for health issues such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. This risk is higher in vulnerable populations including the elderly, small children, pregnant women, and people with respiratory issues or chronic health concerns.

Maintaining Home Maintenance

An HVAC system does more than just keeping the air cool or warm, depending on your comfort needs. It also keeps the air circulating and provides temperature stability, which helps to cut down on excess humidity and moisture in the home. This is absolutely vital to the structural integrity of your home where high humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations can cause rapid deterioration.

This damage is especially apparent in buildings that have sat vacant or abandoned throughout a Raleigh summer or winter without any heating and cooling. Mold and mildew grow as humidity levels inside skyrocket while exposed wood in the home expands and contracts as temperatures shift, causing cracking. While this is an extreme example, it does show the importance even moderate climate control can have on your home’s condition and prevent costly repairs down the line.

Improving Air Quality

Unlike window air conditioning units and old furnace units, having an HVAC system can improve the air quality throughout your home. By filtering air as it enters and cycles through the house, dust, allergens, and dander is removed, providing cleaner air that reduces the likelihood of respiratory issues. While this is helpful for every member of the family, this is especially important for vulnerable populations and even people who spend long periods of time indoors.

While it may feel like a luxury to walk into a cool, comfortable room after being outside the heat, having a heating and cooling system is very much a necessity that improves the quality of your life. If you’re interested in learning more about HVAC installation, reach out to the Comfort Specialists at Quality Comfort Services, Inc! We’re here to help you discover the right solutions for your home. Call us today at [phone] or simply fill out our contact form to schedule a free quote!

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