Like any HVAC system, ductless mini-splits can run into trouble periodically. If you have a ductless system in your Wake Forest, NC, home, recognizing these signs allows you to identify the problem before calling for professional repair:

Fluid Leaks Around the Mini-Split

There are several possible causes for a condensate leak in your ductless mini-split. A punctured refrigerant line often leads to a refrigerant leak either inside your system or even in your home. Meanwhile, a damaged condensate line usually results in a puddle of water appearing near the part of your mini-split installed in your home.

Your ductless mini-split also has a drain pan responsible for collecting the water that drips from the evaporators. If this drain pan rusts or suffers damage when emptied, it can’t collect water like needed.

Poor System Performance

We certainly never encourage homeowners to tackle repair tasks on their own. That said, there’s one task you can handle. If you notice that your ductless mini-split runs too often, doesn’t provide enough warm or cool air or raises your utility bills, check your air filter. A clogged air filter reduces your system’s efficiency and damages its performance capabilities.

If your air filter is dirty, you can clean it yourself. In fact, experts recommend that you do so at least once every three months. However, if your filter is clean but your system continues to struggle, you should call to schedule a repair.

Ductless HVAC System Won’t Turn On

Check your breaker switch if you go to turn on your system and find out that it won’t start. If you find your breaker switched off, turn it back on and try to run your system again. If your breaker is still in the on position, the problem lies with the system itself, and it needs professional diagnostics and repair.

We never encourage homeowners to repair their HVAC systems on their own. If your HVAC system struggles to efficiently and effectively keep you comfortable, call Quality Comfort Services Inc. today to schedule a repair and find out more about our wide range of residential HVAC services.

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