Anytime you switch on a heater, you anticipate warm and clean in your home. However, you might experience a strange odor emerging from your furnace in Zebulon, NC. Keep reading to discover common furnace odors and what they mean.

Burnt Dust

You might be using the furnace for the first time during fall after a long period of hot weather. Like other appliances, the unit gathers dust and dirt when not in use for an extended time. The accumulated particles eventually burn away, leaving a smoky odor.

Although the smell seems problematic, you don’t need to worry about damage to the furnace. It fades after some time when all the dust has burned away.

If it persists, it could mean clogs in the filters. Before calling a service technician, try changing the filters first.

Rotten Eggs

A furnace might run on natural gas because it’s combustible. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and produces harmful effects when inhaled. Therefore, most manufacturers add scented substances for easier identification.

Manufacturers use sulfur, hence, this unique smell. If the system produces this odor, you’re experiencing a gas leakage. Call your heating repair contractor and vacate the premises until it’s safe again because such leaks can lead to health hazards and death in extreme cases.

Musty Furnace Odors

Your unit produces this smell if it shares the same air handler with the AC system. The odor is often common in dark and damp places.

This could mean biological growth in the ducts. Also, the growth can be on the air conditioning coil mounted above the unit. Reach out to a professional expert for cleaning and inspection.

Is your furnace producing a weird odor? We offer top-notch heating services to enhance comfort in your home. Contact Quality Comfort Services, Inc. for furnace repair and maintenance services in Zebulon, NC, and the surrounding areas.

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