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How to Use the Fan Mode On Your HVAC Thermostat

HVAC Thermostat

The HVAC thermostat in your Knightdale, NC, home has fan and auto settings that let you manage your indoor air quality and overall comfort. There are specific situations when you should consider using the fan on your HVAC thermostat to your advantage.

Remove Irritants

Since fan mode on your HVAC thermostat will run air continuously, that means the air is also constantly going through the filter. Fan mode also activates air cleaners and purifiers if they’re a part of your system. If you have been painting, vacuuming or dusting, fan mode can help manage the dispersed irritants you kick up.

Use Less Energy

Fan mode doesn’t take as much power as the full AC system uses when cooling, and that’s because the fan uses less power than the compressor. If you only need air moving but you’re okay with the current temperature inside your home, fan mode is something to use. Your AC system might use hundreds of watts per hour instead of thousands.

Freshen Your Air

Your AC system will run hard when it’s summer, but there will come days when temperatures are milder than others. When your system doesn’t run as often, you can save money but also wind up with stagnant air. Fan mode can circulate stuffy air out of your home without using the whole system.

Extend Your HVAC Life

Modern HVAC systems last a long time. However, running them constantly in cooling mode means wear and tear, leading to the need for AC repair. When it’s not as humid outside, fan mode is a chance for your system to get some rest.

Prevent Hot and Cold Spots

If your home has different hot and cold spots, you might have an HVAC system not properly sized for your square footage. Running the fan for a while after the cooling system is a great short-term fix. This helps the system move cooled air into the furthest corners of your home.

In any of these situations, the fan setting can help your home be more comfortable. Make the most of your home’s comfort and efficiency by staying current with annual HVAC maintenance. Schedule your next appointment with Quality Comfort Services, Inc. for all the AC services that your home needs.

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