Heat pumps need regular, attentive care to last, especially since you use them both for heating and cooling. By following these tips, you can expect to keep your heat pump in Zebulon, NC, running smoothly for a decade or two:

Replace the Air Filter

It all starts with the most menial maintenance tasks. Anyone can replace the air filter, which sits in the return vent and captures pollutants before they enter the air handler. Do this at least every 90 days — more often if you have pets or household members with allergies — and you won’t need to face the problems that come with blocked airflow.

Clean the Compressor

The compressor outside can get clogged with dirt, dust, fallen leaves and dryer lint, among other things, and this will decrease efficiency and wear down the heat pump as a whole. You can gently hose down the unit and brush away the dirt and grime from the condenser coil to achieve better cooling and heating.

Add Insulation

Even if the heat pump runs just fine, issues in your home may contribute to its downfall if you’re not careful. For example, poor insulation will cause all that warm or cool air to escape in no time, forcing the system to run more frequently and wear down sooner.

Request Professional Maintenance

Above all, request maintenance twice a year from a certified HVAC company. This will alert you to many problems within the heat pump that went unnoticed through the previous season, and it can eliminate many of those problems without the need for a separate repair project.

To schedule a maintenance or repair visit, call our team at Quality Comfort Services, Inc. for service in Zebulon. You can call us any time when faced with an emergency like a refrigerant leak or an unresponsive system.

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