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4 Reasons Your Home Needs a Whole-Home Generator in Cary, NC

Whole-Home Generator

Homeowners in Cary, NC, experience power outages sometimes, especially during summer or winter storms. Power outages can be devastating, so you need a whole-home or standby generator to protect your home. Here are a few benefits of investing in a whole-home generator:


A whole-home generator will power your entire house for a long time without the need to refuel it. If you’re away from your home during a power outage, a whole-house generator ensures that the alarm system, heating system and sump pump operate as they should. A whole-house generator is an ideal solution if you’re looking for efficient ways to power your house during extended outages.

Minimize Other Damages

A whole-house generator helps to minimize all types of damages that come with power outages. If you invest in this generator, you can avoid food going bad, suffering in the cold or basement flooding due to a power outage. You can reduce damages like electrical faults that arise from a power blackout by installing a generator in your home.

Automatically Detect Power Outages

One of the best advantages of a whole-home generator is that it automatically detects power blackouts and turns on immediately. It ensures that all your home essentials like refrigerators, alarm systems and sump pumps run when you’re away from the house. A generator provides the accessibility of all the major appliances and vital home functions for a comfortable house.

Safety and Security

A whole-home generator ensures that you can move around the home without tripping over things in the dark. The generator is environmentally friendly and safe for your health because it doesn’t allow carbon monoxide build-up. A generator gives you peace of mind that your home has protection during a power outage.

As you can see, a whole-home generator provides several advantages for your home. You don’t have to wait until the next power outage to install a whole-home generator. Call Quality Comfort Services, Inc. today if you need assistance with the installation of a whole-house generator.

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