Although regular maintenance services can prolong the lifespan of your commercial HVAC system, you’ll eventually need to replace it. So, how will you know when it’s time to replace your commercial HVAC system in Cary, NC? Here are three warning signs you need to watch out for:

Low Indoor Air Quality in Your Office

The commercial HVAC system in your office is one of the most significant factors affecting your indoor air quality. During higher humidity levels in the summer season, a fully functional HVAC system should release clean air of consistent quality.

Using an old or poorly maintained system can increase your office’s humidity levels, which worsens the air quality. It can also enhance the accumulation of dust. A faulty HVAC system can develop leaks, which in turn can expose your employees to toxic gases.

Over-exposure to carbon monoxide might lead to unusual flu-like signs such as dizziness and severe headaches. With this in mind, it’s always in your best interest to schedule replacement services immediately when you notice a decrease in your office’s air quality.

Inconsistent Performance

A commercial HVAC system working at its top condition should effectively heat or cool your office. Older systems may strain to offer consistent temperatures in large office spaces. Even with regular tuneups and cleaning, you still might not receive the satisfaction of desired temperatures with an older unit.

Additionally, older systems can disrupt the conducive working environment in your office. This is because they tend to produce loud sounds while operating. That’s why it’s wise to rely on a trusted HVAC company for top-notch commercial HVAC replacement services.

Frequent Repairs

Are you continually scheduling commercial HVAC repairs? If so, you might need to consider replacing it with a new energy-efficient system.

Because older systems tend to break down more frequently, you’ll spend more replacing and repairing their obsolete parts. Rather than spending more on repairs, you can install a new HVAC system that’ll need less upkeep.

At Quality Comfort Services, Inc., we provide high-quality commercial HVAC replacement services. We’ll help you find a system that best suits the comfort needs of your office. Contact us today for reliable commercial HVAC services.

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