Is there anything more frustrating than expecting a blast of cool air from your air conditioner only to receive a warm breeze instead? This sudden warmth is common, but getting to the root of the problem can be tricky. Here are some reasons your AC system in Wendell, NC, might blow warm air:

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters do the heavy lifting of removing dust and debris from the air circulating through your AC system. A clogged filter restricts the airflow, causing the AC system to struggle. In response, your air conditioner might freeze and blow warm air.

Routine filter changes are an easy fix. Keep your air conditioner breathing free and easy with monthly checks and filter changes approximately every 30-90 days. Remember to also schedule regular AC maintenance.

Blocked Condenser Unit

The condenser is key in your AC system’s cooling process. It’s situated outside, making it prone to blockages from outdoor debris.

If there’s an obstruction of leaves, dirt or other debris in your condenser unit, it may be unable to release heat effectively. It could cause your system to work harder, increasing the risk of overheating and reducing efficiency.

A simple cleaning session could solve this issue. However, if blockages persist, it’s wise to call a professional.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is the liquid chemical that cools the air within your AC system. When there’s not enough of it, the air coming from your air conditioner can be warmer than expected.

A common reason for low refrigerant levels is a leak. Leaks can spring up for various reasons, like general wear and tear or a puncture in the system. If your AC system is blowing warm air, consider having a professional check for leaks and refill the refrigerant.

Keeping your air conditioner in prime condition is critical to protecting your comfort and maximizing cooling efficiency. If you’re still feeling the heat, don’t hesitate to call an HVAC expert. Contact Quality Comfort Services, Inc. for all your air conditioner repair service needs in Wendell, NC, and the surrounding cities.

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