Short-cycling is an HVAC term that describes a system that turns on and off many times without completing a temperature regulation cycle. Short-cycling increases repair and energy costs. Keep reading to discover the causes of a short-cycling furnace in Holly Springs, NC.

Your Furnace Is Overheating

Your furnace may overheat when there’s friction between the moving parts or contaminants have clogged the air filter. Typically, a furnace has a safety mechanism that shuts down the system when it overheats.

Therefore, your system will turn on, turn off when it overheats and turn on again. Remember to schedule regular furnace maintenance so that a service technician can lubricate all the moving parts. Also, ensure you change your air filter frequently to reduce the strain on your HVAC system.

You Have an Oversized System

An oversized furnace possesses excessive temperature regulation abilities compared to your home’s needs. Therefore, it heats your home too fast and shuts down.

It doesn’t distribute the heated air evenly, resulting in cold and hot spots. Consequently, it starts again and repeats the same thing.

If your system is oversized, you should replace it to eliminate the short-cycling problem because repairs cannot solve it. Ensure you engage a service technician before you install a new system so that they can calculate your home’s heating needs. Having your home’s accurate heating load will help you buy a correctly sized system for your house.

Your Home Has Air Leaks

Heated air could escape your house through cracks in your windows and doors. Poor insulation may also allow the heated air to escape.

Your furnace attains the temperatures on the thermostat and shuts down. The heated air then escapes, prompting the furnace to start multiple times. You can use weatherstripping and caulking to seal cracks in your house, and you can also improve your home insulation to prevent heat loss.

We will fix all the issues causing your furnace to short-cycle. Contact Quality Comfort Services, Inc. for outstanding heating services.

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