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Why Does My Furnace Make My Home Colder in Knightdale, NC?

Fixing Furnace

With proper maintenance, a furnace can effectively and efficiently warm your home in chilly winter months. However, you might sometimes notice that the opposite is happening. Here are five reasons your furnace might actually lower temperatures in your Knightdale, NC, home and make it feel colder:

Dirty Filter

A filter full of dirt and debris can have a significant impact on the amount of heat your system can circulate. Fortunately, clean filters will quickly resolve this problem. If it happens regularly, consider scheduling HVAC maintenance services more frequently.

Insufficient Gas Supply

It never hurts to check that your gas supply is sufficient. Furnaces typically use gas to generate heat, so if there isn’t enough gas, your furnace won’t be able to create warm air in the first place.

Broken Components

Furnace parts can break or clog, and this can reduce heat generation. Every furnace is different, and not all have the same components, but common examples include:

  • Pilot light switches, assemblies and toggles.
  • Flame detectors.
  • Condensate lines.

Damaged Ductwork

Even if your furnace is producing heat, it might not be reaching your home. Sagging or damaged ducts can restrict airflow considerably or even redirect it into your attic and crawlspace.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Sometimes, a furnace will circulate cold air even if nothing is wrong with your heating system. If this is happening to you, check to make sure that your thermostat or HVAC controls aren’t set to blow constantly or cool your home. For the best results, set your thermostat to auto so that the fan only runs when your furnace is running.

Our service technicians are on call any time of day to meet your heating needs. Don’t suffer sitting in a cold home this winter. Contact Quality Comfort Services, Inc. right away and schedule a heating system inspection and repair.

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