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Why Does My Raleigh, NC, AC System Keep Overheating?

AC System Overheating

Even though an air conditioner blows cool air, the system can still overheat. While this overheating doesn’t always destroy your AC system in Raleigh, NC, it can cause it to stop running when you need it the most. Read on to discover four possible causes for your overheating AC system today.

Refrigerant Is Low

Refrigerant is a chemical that flows through lines in your air conditioner, allowing it to cool the air before pushing it throughout your home. Low refrigerant levels cause your AC system to work harder than necessary to keep your home cool, often resulting in overheating.

Air Filter Is Dirty

Air filters keep dust and debris out of your AC system and aid in circulating clean air throughout your home. When you don’t change your filters regularly, theyclog and cause your system to work harder, which leads to overheating. Consider changing your filters every 30 to 90 days to cut down on clogged filters.

AC System Is at the End of Its Lifespan

If your AC system is older and overheating, the odds are high that you need a replacement. An HVAC service technician can advise you on the best course of action for your situation.

Condenser Coils Need Cleaning

A condenser coil is a copper tube filled with refrigerant located in the outdoor unit. After your AC system’s refrigerant removes heat from your air, it flows to the condenser coil to expel the heat outside. When coils become dirty, they don’t function properly, as they cannot transfer heat effectively.

If you’re a resident of Raleigh, NC, and your air conditioning equipment keeps overheating, don’t delay contacting Quality Comfort Services, Inc. for help. We will work with you to pinpoint the problem and craft solutions that prioritize your comfort.

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