Raleigh Home Energy HVAC Efficiency Audit

Discover inefficiencies that are putting unnecessary strain on your HVAC system and raising your energy bill.

If you dread opening that first electric bill of summer, you’re not alone. Most people in the Raleigh area see a huge jump in their utility bills during seasonal changes. While high utility costs may seem unavoidable as the mercury rises, there are ways to reduce your heating and cooling costs while keeping your home comfortable all year around.

home energy audit

With our Home Energy Audit, Quality Comfort Services, Inc. can help you discover the inefficiencies in your HVAC system and throughout your home that lead to higher energy costs. Our experienced techs conduct a comprehensive in-home analysis to look for ways to improve your heating and cooling system’s performance while reducing leaks and inefficiencies. Your customized analysis will also include helpful tips and recommendations that, when implemented, will lead to a more efficient home and lower bills without sacrificing your comfort!

Utility Bill Analysis

Our Comfort Specialist will sit down with you to review your past electric and gas bills and see where there is room for improvement. We’ll determine how much your bill is affected by running your heat or air conditioning, which gives us a starting point for how we can improve the efficiency and performance of your HVAC unit.

Heating and Cooling System Efficiency

We will review your heating and cooling unit and our Comfort Specialist will test its energy efficiency ratio (EER) to see how it is performing. They can take that information and compare it to its initial system ratings and determine if your system’s performance has decreased over time.

Duct Inspection

Our Comfort Specialist will take an in-depth look at your home’s duct work to look for signs of air leakage, undersized ducting, and a lack of return air. These can all lead to hot and cold spots in your home which cause you to run your system more to keep those spots comfortable.

We will also look for places where you may be losing air into crawl spaces and unused parts of the home, such as basements and attics. That will not only direct more heating and cooling through your home, it will reduce dust buildup in your ducts which improves air flow and reduces allergens in the home.

Load Calculations

Load calculations help us determine what size HVAC unit is needed for your home. If you are trying to cool or heat your home with too small a unit, you may find your unit running for long stretches of time or unable to reach a specific temperature. You’ll see skyrocketing energy bills and your HVAC system may even wear out faster.

Our Comfort Specialists will do a thorough inspection to determine how much heating and cooling your home needs. This includes looking at your room sizes, sun exposure, insulation value, and windows.

If you’re ready to see lower utility bills without sacrificing your family’s comfort, reach out to the team at Quality Comfort Services, Inc. to schedule your home energy audit today!